During the seventies of the last century most of the Black Forest clock manufacturers concentrated their efforts on the development of quartz
movements. Franz Hermle & Son also followed this trend but did not give up the tradition of the mechanical clock movement production that was
started in 1922.
88 years later the world market is still asking for mechanical clocks. The “Hermle Uhrenmanufaktur” is today one of the last ones in Germany who
can serve the market and who can manufacture mechanical clocks of good quality and sell mechanical movements to world famous manufacturers of
time pieces.
Hermle provides of course also quartz movements, however with special characteristics such as different melodies, emphasizing the good quality of
the sound being similar to those of the mechanical clocks. Mechanical movements attract especially the male, if the movement is visible in the case and the technique can be seen.
The female interest is concentrating more on shape, material, colour and workmanship. However, as four out of five buyers are female their opinion is of eminent importance.
2010 – the year in which black and white are trendsetters, Hermle follows this trend with its new catalogue presenting a lot of new models: Classical
grandfather clocks for the villa at Potsdam, Paris or Piemont; mechanical wall and mantle clocks, which ideally fit in the beletage of a flat in Munich,
Prague, Moscow, Budapest or an apartment in New York or Bahrain.
However, also the modern clocks with quartz movements attract a clientele who have certain requirements with respects to the design of their
new home. Requirements which can’t be met by the mass production of companies which manufacture under high cost pressure in countries of the
Third World.