As of Monday 15th June, we are hoping to reopen by appointment only (assuming we are symptom free). If you wish to make an appointment, please contact us.
We intend to open the shop for general admission (no need for appointment) on the first Wednesday to Saturday of each month 11am – 4pm, (1st – 4th July, 5th – 8th August, 2nd – 5th September). There will be no appointment slots during these general admission times, appointments can however be made during any of the other three weeks in the month to mutual convenience.
We have fully risk assessed the situation and have decided that it is safer for the time being to use the front St John Street entrance only and have a ‘one at a time’ system where customers use the front porchway only to be served. We hope to avoid queuing but there is space outside to queue if necessary. Anyone who has a specific requirement for purchase may make a socially distanced appointment to come into the shop but please make us aware of your general requirement beforehand.
I am afraid that we will not be making any home visits for the foreseeable future.
Thank you for your understanding.




Robert James is the third generation of watch and clockmakers.

His Grandfather James, Father Beau and Uncle Rex were all leading watch and clockmakers

Robert began to learn his skills when he was a young boy still at school, working in his Father’s shop on Saturday’s. Having developed a natural practical flair, he attended what was then Birmingham Polytechnic to learn more theory.

Robert is a fully fledged member of the British Horologial Institute. After working for his Father for seven years he then went elsewhere to obtain further experience in the trade of watchmaking and jewellery. He settled in the village of Tutbury in 1989 and from then on used his expertise to build up what has been described as the best clock, watch and barometer repair shop in the area.

He has been featured on Central News, Under the Hammer and local radio stations and is often invited to write articles on his subject for magazines.

R A James offer a complete restoration service to movements, cases and dials for watches, clocks, barometers and music boxes.

All disciplines are executed by highly trained specialists in their individual field. These include clockmaking, watchmaking, cabinet making, french polishing, dial painting, silvering and enamelling, silversmithing, gilding, glass work and bevelling and all aspects of barometer repairs. Services and repairs are backed up with a guarantee unless otherwise stated.

We are based in Ashbourne, Derbyshire and are now one of the most respected clockmakers and watchmakers for Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire

Member Of The British Horological Institute